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4 Things You Didn't Know About Your Hips

woman sitting with her hands on her hipsYou need them to walk, run, jump, and sit. But every day, we welcome patients into our care who are dealing with hip pain. Sometimes, hip pain can be so bad that doing normal, daily activities becomes painful.

But we’ve got good news–your hips were made to last a lifetime, with proper care of course (that’s where we come in).

Here’s a few things you may not know about your hips:

  • The hips may begin to have problems when they don’t have full range of motion. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the root of your pain lies in the hips–instead, it may be caused by a problem in the lower back, postural or elsewhere.
  • While you may think of the hip bone as something solid and difficult to move, it’s actually the hip that allows our lower body to be so flexible!
  • New research shows that gentle chiropractic adjustments can help improve hip pain by over 60%. This means you can stop reaching for the pain medicine every day!
  • Surgery and injections aren’t your only option. While both are common treatments for hip pain, neither address the underlying cause of your pain. Before you go for an invasive method of relief, consider natural chiropractic care to work on restoring balance to your back, pelvis and hips.

Get started today!

Ready to book a visit with us and put an end to hip pain? We’re here for you. Contact us today to speak with one of our expert chiropractors about how natural care can improve your quality of life.


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